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Let’s face it; the cost of elderly care in England is amongst the most expensive in the world. An average person spends in excess of £800.00 per week for the most minimum care. These days they can keep them alive forever. That will cost you a fortune. Remember, this is coming out of your inheritance.
Why waste money on someone who, let’s face it probably doesn’t even know their own name let alone yours. They worked hard all their life to buy a house and now you have to sell it to pay for their care. That’s not what you want and if you’re lucky, not what they want either.

We can help. For just £2,000 down and 5% of the estate we will provide a “No questions asked” medical solution. No power of attorney needed, we do all the paperwork. Just bring us your loved one and leave the rest to us.

The Norman Bates Clinic, Landfill Tawny, Essex. (Next to the Soylent Green biscuit factory)

Helping people cross over since 1768

Euthanasia is not murder, its assisted suicide and that’s still legal in Landfill Tawny

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